Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The end of another year...

So it has finally come, the end of another school year. I look at my little first-soon-to-be-second graders and wonder, "where has the time gone?" I had such great plans for the 07-08 year...did I manage to get to them? to get close to them?

I gotta admit, it is a burden....22 little ones. Their parents have entrusted me with them for 8 hours a day....did I do enough? How can I do better next year? Was I the model of calmeness or the one of insanity for these past 172ish days? CAN THEY READ???!!!

Monday, I took some time from my conference period and attended our 6th grade "graduation"....so many of those kids had been mine so long ago....hold on there!!!! It seems like I had them in my class just yesterday....I turned around to get a Teacher's Edition and now they are in 6th grade....!!! Already? Did I set a good example? What will they remember me for? CAN THEY READ????!!!

As I saw my former students cross the stage I cried...not racking sobs, but there were tears....parents who saw me came for hugs and pictures...."Do you remember when..." was said over and over again by them....and as for me...what could I say? I hugged them back...and asked, "CAN YOUR CHILD READ???"

Then I went around the cafeteria and found as many of my kiddos as I could. I took their face in my two hands and looked into their eyes hoping for some words of wisdom to come out of my mouth...."Have a good life, and I expect invitations to your jr. high, high school, and college gradutations". " Come back and visit me." "Of course I remember when...." I love you too", "No, you are never to old to hug me".

Thus another year is done....it was harder this year than other years....and I will reflect on whether I will return the next year or go back to my former carreer....and as I have done every year, I will go on the lookout for more folders....because who am I kidding? I just love this job....


E and T said...

Hi Nina

I've come over from Christina's blog. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm looking forward to coming back and reading your adventures.

Ahhh the end of a school year. As a former teacher (before my own children) I could relate to some of those feelings you discussed. Reflecting on the year that was, seeing students graduate and catching up with parents. It's amazing how quickly a school year goes by.


Alissa said...

awww. You're the kind of teacher we NEED!

My mom was an elementary school teacher for years (she retired 3 years ago), and she was so dedicated and so loved by her students. You sound just like her.

And, if it makes you feel any better, my newly-minted second grader reads very well :-)

Christina said...

And so ends another school year. Your love and dedication is so apparent. Maybe we should see about transferring Nadia to your school....at least for first grade.