Sunday, June 8, 2008

The little guy in the pic...

A few of you have written to me via my email address asking about the guy in the pic next to my name....since we have so many furbabies in our "Ark" as my hubby likes to refer to our house, I will tell you about them (as well as my biped family members in several posts)...that way you won't be overwhelmed .

This guy is Oliver Cromwell Twist. He is really my father's dog, but since my parents spend half their time in Greece, he lives with us. He is a foundling from Marlin, Texas where my dad worked for many years. This pictures was taken during one of our few snows in Texas. Don't be fooled by his calm demeanor, he was just impatient to get back into the house. He is about 15 years old now and just as lovable as ever (tho now he doesn't jump fences and run away anymore....;) )

Here are a few more pics of him:
He's watching TV here...he just LOVES the music from the Barefoot Contessa Cooking show.
The look he gave me when I stepped in front of the TV to take this pic....sheesh.


Christina said...

LOL, I love the picture of him sitting there watching tv!!! So cute. He reminds me of a dog we had as a kid. He was so friendly when we met him.

Blueberry said...

awwwww! he's sooooo cute! and i LOVE his name. :)