Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Make a joyful noise......."

After a whole week of being off from blogging (summer school has kept me's always like that the first week of summer school..."regular" school....blah blah blah) I am finally back.

What to write about, what to write about....

Oh yea....

When I was writing to Christina (by the by, congrats again Christina......Wii fun awaits!) I wrote about how I love to wear my croc knock-offs to church (when I go casual). But not just any of our churches...oh no...the church must be of the kind where there is tiled floor as well as carpeting. Enter the church in one of our sister cities. There is carpeting to be sure, but also tiles between the seating as well as in front of the altar....oh the joy!

Now, here comes the party of the first part (some legal talk) known as Nina with her shoes. Every little twist of my ankle brings about a most satisfying squeeeeeking noise...that vibrates all around the church....making it a nice crisp sound.....again, oh the joy!

So as I make my way out of our row I twist my ankles and ..... s q u eeeeeeeee k can be heard. ...I go up to venerate the icon of the day....squeeek squeeek squeeek .... and for good measure....squeeeeeeeek go my shoes! I return to my row...squeeeek squeeek squeeek....and notice my hubby glaring at me. Well, he might as well just give me the "go ahead" sign because this is enough to make me want to squeeeeeeeeek some more.

Now I have to go to the bathroom...squeeek squeeek squeeeeeeeeek. I have to skoootch over to tell our daughter something....squeek squeeeek squeeeeeeeek....I have to move down to make room for more people coming into our row....squeeeek squeeeeeek squeeeeekkkk....yet again, oh the joy!!!

As J gets more livid with each squeeeeeeek and Kalli is loosing the battle against giggles, I plaster one of my better "who me???" looks on my face. "I can't help's the floor. Would you prefer that I take off my shoesies? I can go around barefoot if you want....".

"Knock it off!" he hisses at me. I look at him straight in the eye and .... and a tiny *squeek* comes from my right foot. Then my eyebrows go up ...."Really J, you must control yourself... are disturbing everyone around you in church.....some of us come here to pray ya know. Shame!!!"

My latest adventure was this past Wednesday. After vespers I went up (along with everybody else) to receive Holy Unction (an anointing of Blessed Oil)....I am looking behind me as I move along in line (at J's reactions)....squeek squeeeek squeeeeeeeeeeek....What's he signaling to me? Oh to turn around and pay attention......OH MY GOD!!! The priest is starring at me and not looking too happy....drats!

I go receive my Blessing and wouldn't you know it, my old self comes surging as I leave that guessed it!!!!!!!!!! Sqeeeeek! "It's not's that bad".

Now I cannot wait till my mom comes over from Greece....being the deeply religious person she is...this will....what was the work I used Christina?.....oh yeah...UNHINGE her......Ba hahahahahahahah!!!


Blueberry said...

he he he! i love that you will squeak in church without shame! :)

Christina said...

I'm not sure I should let N sit next to you in would encourage all her antics, wouldn't you? I love it that Fr. M gave you the evil eye. ROFL! Ahh Nina, i wouldn't trade you for the world!