Monday, June 9, 2008

Where does the time go?

I read your blogs about your children and sometimes wonder if I fit in....and at other times I wonder if you all know how blessed you all you REALLY REALLY REALLY know the miracle(s) you have been blessed with--I am referring, of course to your, children. And somehow I know that the answer is " you do!"

From my standpoint as a teacher I see things a little differently. I see little extensions of someones family and am privileged to witness their growth in so many ways right before my eyes...and I think "how blessed your family is!" I see the same thing as I read about all of your children and look at the pictures you include....I feel so honored to be on the fringes of your lives and sharing your joys.

From my standpoint as a mom (step mom really) I see how time can be a thief. J's two kids Kalli (daughter - 23) and Stephan (son - 21) have gotten on with their own lives (even though Kalli is legally blind and lives with us - she has her own life). Before I married my husband I was his kids' Sunday School Teacher...I have known them since Kalli was 5/6 and Stephan was 4...I used to carry Stephan into Church after Sunday School was over.....! Where did the time go? Kalli works for the mayor of a city near us and Stephan is married and in the army. I ask again...where did the time go????

So, hold on to your thoughts and memories of your kiddos. Take a bazzilion them off....keep journals (like blogging).....make prints of their hands, feet, heads on papers, molds, and via shadow outlines. Record them singing, talking, laughing, sleeping, and doing so many things....I know you all do that anyway--but keep it up...even when things get busy or tough....

I have raised 4 kids (J's two and my two nephews) and between the breaths they took away with their accomplishments - they grew up.....ah yes, time is the sneakiest of all thieves...for what he takes away, he never returns...but those who are smart can force him to give back wonderful, funny, pleasant memories.

You all are so blessed to have your little miracles....and they in turn are more that blessed to have you. You all are wonderful parents.


Christina said...

What a sweet, heartfelt, emotional post, Nina! It brought tears to my eyes. Already now, with my little/big two year old, I feel the time slipping thru my fingers too quickly. I'm glad for the memories I have recorded, and resolve to capture even MORE!

I never knew the story of how you and Jason met, and that you used to teach K &'ll have to tell me the whole story next time we get together!

Blueberry said...

awwwww, thanks for your words!