Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another hurdle completed.... now EY (what is commonly known as "summer school") is over....a very concentrated educational time involving small student groups. The kids I handled are the ones classified as "bubble kids"--those just under the passing mark.

Every day I field the questions " Will my child pass?" "Will he/she make it to the next grade?" with "They have a good chance, but he/she needs to read at home just like we read here..."

"But we read at home..."

"That is wonderful! But your child needs to read as we read here, I sent a note home to parents when EY began..."

"I know, I know....but we read everynight..."

I find myself getting irritated....I want to firmly tell them "Listen to me--you are not listening....I wrote and stated that you and your child need to read just like we do in class....I have given you some examples of how this can be done... Why can't you understand that reading is more than just the mere recitation of printed form? What good is reading if the reader cannot re-tell what has just been read, or make a connection to the story, or is not able to go beyond what was read and do something as simple as create a different ending, or cannot seem to grasp what the main character (assuming he can state who that is) is feeling?"

But I take a deep breath and remember what our principal has told us, "Treat every child as if he or she was your own"...soooo if this was my own child....what would I want? Of course! Not just being told what needs to be done, but being shown how it is to be done!

"Would you like to come in and see what I am talking about?"

A blink and a stare follow...."yeah, that sounds like a good idea!"

A while later...."oh, so that is what you mean! I can do that! Can I call you if I have any questions? Can I do this with any book?"

After they leave my "queendom" --yup, I have a sign by my desk that sais, "HRH" imposed over a crown--I am satisfied that the same question I ask myself each month (Do you deserve your paycheck?) can be answered with "Yeah baby!"


Christina said...

YES you deserve that paycheck! And more! You are such a great teacher. You go the extra mile for "your kids" and for their parents too.

It really is sad how ill-equipped some children are. Simply growing up in a family that values reading makes such a difference. Nadia, at two years old, can relate repeat the higlights of a story and relate to a characters emotions. On a simpler level, of course, but still.

Nina said...

Good for Nadia!!!! And good for you mommy!!!! I wish more kids had parents like you!!!!