Monday, July 7, 2008

A July 4th discovery....

We attended the 4th of July in an area known as The Highlands....and it was WONDERFUL for a first-time organized event in this area....we put a sheet down, played cards, and then laid back and enjoyed the (brief) fireworks....

Afterwards, we popped into a nearby bookstore to use the "facilities" and to wait for the parking lot to clear out a bit before we started for home......

While standing in line in the bathroom I notice three young ladies....and one of them looks familiar....can it be? Noooo! So I take care of business and head out to the main part of the store....This nagging feeling won't leave me, so when I find one possible Christmas present for our son I spot these young ladies again. OK, now I just have to know if she is who I think she I approach her and ask her...."Excuse me, are you so-and-so?"

"Yes ma'am, I am"

"Oh my gosh! I used to be your first grade teacher, but back then I was known by another name....I got married"

"Oh my gosh! It is so good to see you!"

"How have you been? Is your family fine? How is your older brother? CAN YOU READ?????!!!!"

"We are all fine, and yes I can read!" giggle, giggle.

After hugs and more information on where each one of us is in our lives (she--11th grade, hoping to go to nursing school; me--still teaching at the same school in the same grade level) and a request to her high school graduation, we part.

Then it hits me....this child is from the first class I many, many years ago when I made that fateful decision to slowly extract myself from one profession and go into another.....when I first spent 8 hours a day with someone else's kids....and hoped I would leave with them something of value.

As I head to my husband's table to tell him of this news and show him what I found....two things hit me. The first, "WOW! I had a small part in this wonderful person's growth...."; and the second, "Boy, do I now feel old!". *SIGH*

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Christina said...

Wow, that is too cool! What an incedible feeling to look at a young person and know you played a part in shaping them. Wow.

Can't believe we were so close to each other for the show, too, and never crossed paths!