Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A wonderful surprise...and other rememberings....

This weekend our son drove down.....at the last minute he and his wife decided to drive down from the base he is stationed at to visit us! What a treat!

They brought with them their 3 kitties for us to meet. These little ones were let out in the study/The Army Room/ Stephan's Room.....so at one point we had 8 (!) cats in this house. Any problems? Nope!

The dogs stayed with Kalli in the family room and our cats just stayed away...so our furry guests were able to relax a little. We now suspect that Delilah just loves the smell of bleach...just like my Liebchen. Oh yeah! I use bleach all the time....the thought that I am disintegrating millions of germs gives me one of life's greatest thrills. So it would stand to reason I use it one the rugs in our house (diluted with water, of course).

When she was alive, Liebchen would just purr and rub all over anything that had been wiped down with my bleach-water solution. Since she was a kitten I have used this to clean(occasionally I alternate and use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide)....so I guess she associated it with her kittenhood. Anyway, it would get her going the way catnip gets other cats going....rolling, rubbing her head, etc. One of our other cats, Gizmo, just adores this smell also....now Delilah joins this group of felines.

I must admit, I agree with them. I have often told my husband that bleach is one of those smells I associate with my childhood....so full of cleanliness. My mother was (and still is) such a well-organized clean-freak....every week she would vacuum the rug in our family room and then roll it up and mop underneath it. Our kitchen was always sparkling and shining...and the bathrooms...oh the bathrooms....she would even empty out the cabinets underneath the sink to polish the pipes. I just love the smell of a freshly cleaned kitchen or bathroom....one where bleach is the star of the show. Turns out that while my younger brother can't stand the smell of bleach, my older brother uses it as frequently as I do around his house....my mother states that "...George always seems to have a bleach bottle in his hands..." in a surprised voice....

Oh well...we came about it honestly!

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Christina said...

Stephen was here! I'm sorry to have missed him.

You do have a thing for bleach, don't you? I just cleaned my bathroom well this morning...I won't tell you how long it had been. And I didn't use bleach. Can we still be friends? The stuff makes me nervous with a kiddo around.