Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The pic above.... from the collection of pet pics created by the magic of this little lady talented or what?????!!!

The star of my current blog header is none other than Trixie Dixie-Cup Pixie-Dust Fistulous Witherspoon. She is by far the most abused member of our pets. Whoever had her broke her spirit...and even living with us for the last 9 years or so has not helped her regain we just love her and give her as good a life as we can.....however, I am reminded of the words of Cesar Millan....that dogs live in the "now"....and based on that, Trixie just lives in her little world...seeming to have accepted life as it has unfolded for her yet never once turning into a "fear biter" as so many had predicted she would become. Yet, more than this, she has managed to give back to us.....

....and what has she given back? Other than all the love her little heart is able to give? Well...a few years ago I saw a show on the different types of service dogs out there....and one kind is a dog bred in Mexico that is used by individuals who have joint problems. These little dogs are taught to lay wherever they are placed and let their body heat (which is a considerable amount) pass from them to the affected area of their owner. Once I saw that program, I hoped that this would work when it came to Trixie (oh boy, does she put out heat!!!) and some problems I had with my right wrist (I had broken it twice before and every now and then it sure hurts!).

Lo and behold!! It worked! After about 20 min with Trixie against my wrist, it felt pretty good! Now whenever my knee, hip, wrist, or any other part of my body hurts, I just put Trixie on it and her intense heat usually helps me--all without the aid of pills....!

Yet Trixie does more than serve as our own personal therapy dog...she also adds to our household simply by looking so darn cute (at least to me) see, she has lost all but one of her teeth.....and this causes her tongue to just hang out of her matter what she is doing, that tongue just sticks out....she looks like she is giving those around her a raspberry!

Just look at those pics! (Thanks Christina!)

So I guess I have done another dedication....but this time it is to one of our canines... here's to you Trixie.... thanks for your love, trust, and body has all made a difference in our lives! You are just beautiful to me!

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Christina said...

She's your own little living heating pad! That is too cool!

Her little tongue thing is so darn cute. :o)