Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's in a name?

Some of you have written me on my email account and asked about B'Elana Torres Merryweather Tapal's name...well it is from the Star Trek Voyager series....the character is B'Elana Torres and she is a tough-as-nails half-Klingon half-Human character. The name "Merryweather" comes from one of my favorite books "Gone With The Wind"...and the name Tapal also comes from Star Trek Voyager -- it is Tuvok's (a Vulcan) wife's name.

So....that's it! Thanks for your comments...oh, wow! TWO posts in one day! That's a record for me!


Blueberry said...

i love your pet names! they are just so fun!!

Christina said...

Doh! I should have recognized the "B'Elana Torres" part! I would't have guessed you to be a Gone with the Wind-type person...not sure why.

How's the first day of school? we drove by you on the way to the grocery store and waved. :o)