Monday, September 8, 2008

3rd week blues....

It is now the 3rd week of school....and I have spent the last 5 days in a classroom without ac. The entire first grade team and I....and let me tell is hell

It began on Wednesday. There was a loud banging in our hallway sounded as if we were out on a tarmac with a bunch of planes...anyway, the banging grew louder and items came down off walls, so the ac was turned off.

The wonderful repair men of our district came to fix the problem, and saw that a part on the ac was worn down (due to the fact that it had not been installed correctly the last time it was fixed). We were told that the part had to be ordered (and since our building was around when Moses walked the Earth) it had to be made by hand.

"When, oh when will it be ready????" I asked with tears in my overwhelmingly sad look on my face as I bit my lip to keep from balling.

" week sometime".....

What could I do? I just watched them walk away, as tears streamed down my was just too much to bear....

Fast forward to today.....and our principal informs me that the necessary part will be here tomorrow and we should have blessed ac by Wednesday....

I could almost feel the cool air rush around me....

As I move my eyes from my ceiling (I was sending up a prayer of Thanks) I see a repair man at my door....

"I have news about your ac."

"You mean it will be ready tomorrow and not Wednesday?"


"You mean it will be ready today???"


"Then what?"

"The part ordered was the wrong one. Now we are looking at one more week. "

I just stare at him....not really understanding what he is saying....I see his lips moving, yet no recognizable words are coming out....he is getting I getting ready to faint?'s the tears in my eyes that are making it hard to see him....what can I tell him?

"Oh....I is not your fault *whimper*...have you told our principal?"

"Uh...yeah...he told us to come and tell you...he could not face you and tell you this".

I waited till I had some time alone before I broke down....I did not want my kids to see me blubber.


Blueberry said...

oh ugh! no a/c for that long?? it has got to be an oven in your room!

that guy better have the right part the next time he comes to your building!

i'm sending cool vibes your way! can you feel them?? :)

Christina said...

Nooooooo! One afternoon without a/c is bad enough...but over a week?! I really can't believe that. It's still hot enough that it could be dangerous to the kiddos! Ick! I am soaking up some nice cool air for you!!