Friday, October 17, 2008

Another computer issue....

It is getting towards the end of the day.....time for clean-up and a get-ready for home when I notice some "stuff" in my keyboard. I tilt it this way - nothing. I tilt it that way - nothing. One of my little girls comes over and tells me she can fix whatever the problem is...she has seen her brother work on her father's keyboard....

"Um, no thanks sweetie....I think I can do this"

"That's what everybody tells me at home....and then they never let me do anything" Deep sigh.

Drats. Why did she have to say that????

"OK....are you sure you know what you are doing?"

"Yes ma'am. I watch my brother all the time!" A big smile with cute dimples is my reward.

Sooooo, I unplug the keyboard and give it to her.

Oh oh, two boys are having a "disagreement"--gotta go fix that.

Woah.....someone got their finger slammed in the cabinet--gotta take care of that.

________ accidentally turned up the volume on our music (more on that later) ---gotta review with him how we log off iTunes....and what is that banging in the background?

Two of my urchins need help in getting tomorrow's lunch choices that the same banging? No, it sounds different...

The phone in our class rings....gotta get that.....

I turn around and my little girl is giving me my keyboard....Great timing! I had removed it when I was working on something with Word and now I can just continue!

I plug it in and.................the tracker on the monitor won't stop moving forward.....I tap it...I hit it....I smack it...and finally it stops...only to start moving backwards....AND ERASING WHAT I HAD TYPED!!! More smacking on it stops the problem.....that is when I notice there is something not "right" with my space bar.

Calm....I have to get calm before I call my little helper over.....calm....find my happy spot.

OK, I am there...

."Oh _______, could you come here? What did you do to my keyboard? It is not working like it did before..."

"Oh that, well there was some stuff in there, so I turned it over and hit it on the carpet....then that long key came off, so I put it on but it would not stay. So I used my shoe to pound it in..."


"I thought you told me you had watched your brother work on keyboards..."

"Uh huh"

"And this is what he does?"

"Uh huh"

DING!!!! The light just clicked on....this child has TWO older and one younger (!)

"Which brother did you see work on keyboards?" (Somehow I already know the answer)

"My baby brother"



I finally fixed my keyboard and retyped all my stuff....lesson learned!


Miss 376 said...

Hahahaha, love it. Reminds me of when I accidentally tipped a cup of tea in the keyboard at work. Every single key had to come off and all the bits underneath, then they had to be washed and dried and put back together. There are suddenly a lot of keys on a keyboard! I was the bosses favourite employee

Christina said...

I will never get tired of your classroom stories. Never!