Saturday, January 24, 2009

The fine art of Doing Nothing....

Today it is a cold day....a very, very cold day...and my fam and I plan on doing NOTHING...ahhh...jelly aren't you?

Life is full of so much dadburn stuff....going here, going there, work cuts into personal lives, personal lives blur into work, gotta go here and there on weekends....till everything mixes together into one mess...uh - not for this gal. A long time ago I decided that I would adopt a more simple approach to living....and I have carried this into my marriage....the art of DOING NOTHING...

I made some rules for myself and stuck to them...and so work is work..and when I am there that is what I do...I want to honestly be able to say I earned my paycheck....and home is home....I tend to the needs of that when I am home...Do I look at my work email while at home? Tee hee...yeah, I am going to do that...Do I look at personal email at work? Nope...unless I am off the School District's clock.

But my weekends are many times I see parents running kids here and there...eager to fill every nano-second with something that there is not time to just just hang just just get to know your just have fun...

It seems that there is a fear of silence...that parents and kids may just have to spend a weekend just TALKING to each other....oooo scary stuff there.

I am not being a judge on this...hey, to each his own, but as a teacher I see the other side of this coin....the certain amount of stress these kids live under..and they talk...oh boy do they talk about each other mostly, but on occasion to me. And what do they say? Are ya listening out there? They tell me how they like being in my room because everything is so "put away" and not in their way. "I don't sneeze when I am in here", "I relax" "I don't want to do something to fix it up". When asked why they can't do that on Saturday, they tell me something along the lines of: "We are ALWAYS going somewhere and that is why I'm tired on Mondays". "Why don't you tell your parents?" A blank stare follows..."Do you ever talk to them about the things you feel deep in your heart?" Another blank look.

That is because talking...real an art that has to be taught (like math, or reading) and needs to be learned.

This was something handed down to me from my parents (yet another debt I owe them) and it was one I wanted to pass onto my kids. We honestly earn our paychecks during the week, and tend to the house, but on weekends we just "chill + relax = chillax" and tend to the family. Period. End of story. End of sentence. The end. (I think you get my drift).

God sure knew what He was doing (as always) when he made the 7th day Holy and wanted us to honor that. I believe it serves as a time of "recharging of one's batteries" and gives us time to get to know our family, our friends, our selves.

So that is what we do here. When I got married, this was something Man-of-House was not too familiar with (running kids here and there), but now he has embraced it....this was something he wanted...something he needed....but just did not know how much.

Oh there are times when our Saturdays are used for taking care of an issue...but that is limited to a certain time (ie till noon) or (if it takes the entire day) rare in and of itself.

Everyone has a right to live their lives a certain way...and this is how I choose to live does my fam.


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Miss 376 said...

One of the advantages of the children being home educated, can't stop them talking! We can just enjoy doing whatever, whenever and in our own time