Saturday, January 3, 2009

RIP Trixie....

It is now just a little after midnight on January 4, 2009....and just a little before midnight on January 3, 2009 our little dog Trixie Pixie-Dust Dixie-Cup Fistulous Whitherspoon passed away.

She was on the couch with me and earlier when my husband told me she was breathing funny I had a sneaky suspicion that it was almost her time to go.....although I never thought that she would cross the Rainbow Bridge this soon.

She came into our lives so quietly and unsuspecting.....a little abused dog who never really recovered from her painful past....a small creature of God with a big heart.....a tender little soul with a lot of love to give...and give it she did.

And just as quietly as she came into our lives, she slipped fuss. While there on the couch with me, her tiny heart stopped....and she was gone.

You will be missed my little who will warm my legs or knees when they get cold or sore? You had just lost your last tooth and it looked as if you were to enjoy a few more years with us....but God decided otherwise. So now you are once again whole...and you can run with all the other pets who had once graced our can see clearly....and you have all your teeth.

Right now I am in shock....I really don't feel anything except a thankfulness to God that you were surrounded by family when you went and that you did not leave this Earth alone.

Be free, little one.


Blueberry said...

i'm so sorry for your loss. it is good to know she went peacefully though.
bye bye trixie, run free! :)

Christina said...

Oh Nina! I'm so sorry for Trixie's loss. but she had the best life of any dog out there, loved and adored and cherished. It is beatufiul to think of her frolicking again with her brothers and sisters, whole again. Memory Eternal (do you with that for a dog?)!

Miss 376 said...

I am so sorry about Trixie, but what a lovely way for her to go, being cuddled by someone that loved her.