Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woo day!

Last night I received an unexpected phone call from the person assigned to call me on our phone tree at work...and was told that schools in our district are closed today due to ice!!!


Oh what a day this will be...on schedule is the weekly cleaning of the kitchen, then a scamper outside to enjoy the wonderful cold, and then an impromptu celebration of International Jammie Day!!!

Yes, I intend to go out in this weather...I am a Yankee by birth and inclination when it comes to just cannot get cold enough for me. While others are bundled up in anything below 60 degrees here in Texas, I am in t-shirts & capris while at work, and shorts & t-shirts while at home. And don't even ask me about socks...yuck-o! The temp needs to be below 60 for me to consider wearing pants to work and below 50 to wear socks...although living in a house with a cement floor does force me to wear socks more frequently...

So I will be out there...and if the ice manages to last (which it probably won't) I will have my Yankee Clipper (that's a type of sled for you South-reners) going as fast as Mr. Newton's friend will pull me down anything that resembles a hill around here. Yes, yes, yes...a real sled...not a box...not the lid of a trash can, but a real sled. A beloved blast from my childhood....when snow high enough to touch your knees was so common it was boring (wow, I was bored with that??)...and having to fend off offers to buy this pal o'mine...and needing to explain for the bazillionth time what I am pulling along behind me on a rope...

Ah Wisconsin, (one of the states I have lived in as a child--yup we moved around a lot)..I sure do miss you and the fun (and wonderful cheese) you gave us! This sunshine all-year-round is so overrated, overdone, overboard....and for today, OVER!

Ya know, I think I am going to start on the kitchen now (7:00 +/-) so that I can get out there as quickly as possible...even if I don't get the Clipper out, I will be able to rejoice in the day....then return home to enjoy family, music, books, and (of course) jammies!

But just in case the need arises, Man-of-House are ya listening??? My Yankee Clipper can beat your icky Flexible Flyer any ole there! Nya nya nya!!!

That'll teach him.


Blueberry said...

we are having a snow/ice day too! but that just means hubby will stay in bed as long as he possibly can.... ;)

enjoy your cold while it lasts!!

Christina said...

We're celebrating International Jammie Day today, too!! We did go ice skating for a bit...and Nadia had to eat every icicle she could get her hands on!