Monday, February 16, 2009


Man of House!

It figures....someone so smoochy, kind, and...well, just plain sweet would be born so close to Valentine's Day.

Does this little factoid have anything to do with the level or romance in this man? Maybe.

Does the fact that I believe God danced the day he was born, have anything to do with his personality? Could be.

Does the truth that God seemed to have put "something extra" into this person....and thus decided that this time of year would be perfect for his birth mean anything? Perhaps.

Or is it a combination of all of the above? By golly, I think that is it!

Either way, either view...I am blessed with this one piece of evidence that God loved me so very much that He bestowed on me one of His most wonderful creations....

Happy Birthday dearest Man of House.....may you have many, many, many, many more, more, more...each one better than the ones before it!

I adore you!


Blueberry said...

happy birthday to him!!!! :)

Christina said...

Many years, Jason! Happy birthday!