Sunday, February 15, 2009

And finally.....

I have shown you the third and second most love-iest dove-iest couples I know....but what about the one if FIRST place?

In my blessed opinion, I would say it would be Man of House and me.

Not because of anything I have done or anything I am, but because of him.....Man of House.

He is...
the maker of my coffee
the creator of my breakfasts
the sounding-board of my life
the provider of so much laughter
the giver of my dreams
the star of my show
the taker of my breath
the encourager of my hopes
the receiver of my desires
the tolerate-er of my songs
the cause of my heart-smiles
the completer of my soul

All these things and so much more....that is what he is....and since I am the benefactor of all this, that makes me part of a very romantic couple...a very, very romantic couple that is how I came up with this. See?

And now, since I have shown you wedding pics of others, I will show you a few of mine...

One of them you already is at the header of this here are some others:

Here is the handsome groom:

Here is the terrified bride (sort of looks like a frightened rabbit):

Some post wedding shots:

And what is a Greek wedding reception without d a n c i n g?!!!

The cake

The signing of my new name for the first time:

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Christina said...

Yes, I would have to agree. You guys certainly are one sweet, lovey-dovey couple!! I wish we'd made it to your wedding.