Saturday, February 14, 2009

A wee lil' bit more romance....

Here is the SECOND most love love love-iest couple I parents....

Here they are on December 26, 1960 after their Wedding Ceremony in the Greek Orthodox Church of The Panayitsa (Little Virgin Mary) in Palaio Phaliro (Athens) Greece....aren't they just cute, adorable, sweet? I think so. This is one the few pics that survived...almost all burned in a fire at the photographer's studio.

The details surrounding their engagement and marriage put it mildly, A M A Z I N G!

And as per a weird twist of fortune....or through the fickle finger of fate (quick - which show is this from?) my older brother was married in the same church he was baptized in...which also happens to be the same church my parents were married in....not a big deal till you realize that the time between my parent's wedding, George's baptism and his marriage involves 2 countries, 5 states, and over 30 years....only to have things end up back at this church....oh, I just love it when things come full circle!

Move up a few years and here are these adorable little people at my wedding to Man-of-House.

I honestly think that they look even more sweet and cute now than in the first could be because they are still so totally ga-ga over each other (after 43 years of marriage - at the time this picture was taken)...or because they are so totally compatible....or a combination of these two reasons and many others as yet unknown to man....and yet...and yet, I choose to think that it is because they are so ridiculously happy that they have me as their child.

That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.

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Christina said...

Nadia says "is she a beautiful princess?!" Their sweetness and love is such a success story. Is Lovey-Dovey Couple #1 YOU and JASON?!