Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rabbits, hugs, and a sad cat.

With these days of laying around and just being a fam, some of us are very, very happy.

This is Tinkerbell...she just looks at you with those big brown eyes and your heart you pick her up and hug her, and love she is on daddy's tummy. Oh she takes advantage of her cuteness alright!

"Times are tough, the economy is bad...I don't know when my next meal will come...if I look cute and adorable, then maybe they will take pity on me and feed me...."

Nice job Tinks!

Of course, not to be outdone, our other animals have taken note of this....and while it works well with Oreo Cookies-n-Cream

It is not the same with all our fur-babies. "Oh...woe to me! Times are tough for me too!"

Sorry, dear Tuxedo J. just doesn't pack the same punch.


Miss 376 said...

That looks so uncomfortable! Beuatiful bunnies too

Blueberry said...

the bunnies are SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
the cat is just trying too hard. ha!

and the comment you just left on my blog (ac/dc song) had me laughing my ass off. i LOVED it! you are awesome. just awesome! :)