Friday, May 22, 2009

Another sadness....

Today we had to help our dog, Aggie (named for the fightin' Texas A & M Aggies), cross the Rainbow Bridge. We had her for approx. 16 years.

She came to us from our neighbor's yard. They moved and left her behind. She was alone for 2-3 days....she was hungry so she decided to chew her way through the fence that divided our yards...and she had not look back since. I remember how once, during a few fierce rain storms Texas is famous for in the spring, I could hear her whining as she withstood the fury of Mother Nature. From the time she was a pup (around 6-8 weeks old) her owner neglected her.....the final straw being the move that left her behind.

Man of House took her in (this was before we were married), but since I spent so much time with him it was as if she were mine too.

And did this dog have issues! She was afraid of being alone, she was constantly leaning....and I do mean LEANING....on us to get love. Her favorite trick was to wait till we got comfortable (either in bed or in a chair) and then whine to be let out....She loved to eat anything she could get a hold of....

Yet in spite of all these irritating quirks, we loved her dearly. Could I have been more patient with her? Yes. She really did not mean to cause problems. So from this life, which seemed to come into our lives from someone else's neglect, we all have learned a that involves extending patience especially when it seems as if your last never is trodden upon. We have labeled this "Aggie's Rule"...and we vow to remind each other of this whenever we feel our tempers getting the better of us....when we feel we are at the end of our rope, or when we feel tempted to lash out.

And so....surrounded by her hu-man family (as the Ferengi say), she was given the necessary medicines to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Run free dear Aggie. You have taught us well and we will miss you.


Jessica said...

I know all to well what its like to loose a loved pet. I believe animals are brought to us to teach us lessons throughout their lives. We may not realize the lesson until after they are gone, but they seem to always teach us many things while they are with us....we take them in and they somehow take over our hearts.

I can only extend my deepest sympathy and to tell you that I know what you are going through.
You were very lucky to have had Aggie for so long and I'm sure she is extremely grateful for being so well taken care of and loved so deeply. You helped her when she needed you the she is in a place where she can run free and isn't in pain...maybe she will hang out with my dog! They are both new there and will need friends :)

armywifeforlife said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, that must be horrible. Animals become so much a part of the family it's like you're losing a child. At least she is no longer in pain and can be happy running through the gates of Dog Heaven.

Shirley said...

Your tribute to Aggie made me cry; remembering my dog of a few years ago that we let go. It's so hard, I know, but your others will keep you going.