Sunday, May 10, 2009


Here's to the most important woman in our lives....our mothers.

As per a custom started in my family, and now carried on in my new one....the celebration lasts a whole weekend...and this year it was titled "International Jammie and Mother's Day Weekend". It began on Friday evening when everyone was all together and is still going strong.

It has been a most blessed and relaxing weekend so many surprises and memories made! And the best part is now I get to have pictures of the event (I finally ordered my digital camera....and for me the most important requirement was that it was PINK!).....

So off I go for more fun....right after church of course.....more news to come on the events...and on our newest family member! Tee hee!


Christina said...

Jammie Weekend - sounds like a winner to me! Happy mother's day, Nina. Oh, and yay for a PINK camera!

Blueberry said...

oh we are camera twins now! i got a pink camera 2 years ago for mother's day!! :)