Sunday, June 21, 2009


Warm and wonderful Father's Day wishes to those men, who have "recently" been discovered by courts and doctors, to make an enormous contribution to childrens' lives....FATHERS! It has been proven time and again that an active role by fathers' in their kids' lives significantly reduces the risk of teen pregnancies and drug abuse....duh!

Special heartfelt wishes to the most important fathers in my own fantastic father, and my beloved husband.

Dad....thank you...
~by telling me you believed in me, you gave me wings;
~by standing by me, you gave me the courage to trust;
~by perseverance, you showed me how to learn from my mistakes;
~by accepting things that cannot change, you enabled me to accept life;
~by living with dignity, you taught me how to live;
~by being the man you are, you helped me find my soul mate;

And to my darling Man of House.....
~thank you for all of your support as I decide what I want to be when I grow up;
~thank you for allowing me to make mistakes as I grow
~thank you for fixing things I break, finding things I loose, holding me when I cry,
and making my world a pretty amazing place to be....

even though...
~I have used so many of your tools as hammers--tools that were never meant to be used that in
that way--tools you ended up giving me for my "hammer collection"
~I belt out opera ditties and Ethel Merman songs at you at stores....
in parking theaters....over the I drive away from you....
in our driveway in front of the neighbors....
~I goosed you last week while you were using the staple gun and thus caused you to run
a staple through your thumb

Thank goodness I was blogging and not near you this morning....when you accidentally shaved off your mustache!

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