Sunday, June 7, 2009

Makin' yogurt....and more.

Man of House decided to make some yogurt...but not any plain ole' yogurt....oh no!

He wanted the rich, creamy style that is a hallmark of Greek Yogurt....he wanted it organic....he wanted it thick....and he wanted it soon! You see, Man of House had a cravin' for some Greek Yogurt (the only kind served in these here parts [our house]).

So he began.

He got Mr. Crockpot ready

Man of House just loves Mr. Crockpot. It is one of his new best friends. In fact, he loves it so much that he won't let me touch it as I tend to make e v e r y t h i n g into a hammer at some point and time.

Which reminds me of the question, "If you see everything as a hammer, then how do you view the world?" I really don't know. You see, I don't see everything as a hammer, just as a potential hammer whenever I have anything that needs hammering....dear me...I have digressed.

Back to the yogurt and Mr. Crockpot.

Then he added some of our mostest favorite milk in the whole of the wide world (yeah, you can tell I teach first grade):

Yup...Promised Land Milk...yummmm!

Next came some yogurt from the best tasting yogurt found on planet Earth...

Yup....Fage Yogurt....double yummmm! We just L O V E this is rich.... it is does not taste like bad breath.

Then he inserted Mr. Food Thermometer into the mixture....

Can you see Mr. Food Thermometer's wire? It went into Mr. Crockpot. I wonder of they are having sex now....

Mr. Food Thermometer is another of his toys I am not allowed to if I could even hammer with that!

Every once in a while, Man of House would check on his project...

And then....and then..... Woman of House got involved in other things and did not pay attention nor did she take pictures (isn't it great to talk about yourself in the third person? So formal and

So this is where our saga ends...but not to worry. For as soon as the Lent Period for the Apostles Peter and Paul ends, Man of House will be make yogurt again....and I will be sure to be there for all the drama and action!

(Cue dramatic music here)

Keeps you on tenderhooks, don't it?

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Christina said...

Ooooh yum - I sure do love me some homemade yogurt! Mr.Man's technique seems much more scientific than mine, tho...and more than likely, more reliable too!