Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feeel the love!

My classroom is a Looooove Pit.

"I love you" is something that comes up again and again....something my little ones express to me frequently. Warm fuzzies just reign supreme in our First Grade room.

Sometimes these confidences comes in little notes shyly given to me...other times the phrase just pops out...and almost always it is accompanied by a hug (unexpected though it is!)

Do you just feel the love? Can't you just touch it? ...breath it in?

My little Water-and-Restroom Gestapo is one of my more frequent huggers. "Every time I finish something I am going to hug you!" he yells and then charges towards me.

This is followed by my little Cusser's hugs.

Today, my King of the Timers (aka Water and Restroom Gestapo) came and gave me a hug...and let his little head just lay on my shoulder. Since I was just sitting at my back-of-the-room desk (aka Milicent) I let him remain there. I just continued with my work and he remained where he was.

And then....ever so softly I heard the soft sound of a child snoring....before I gently woke him up I thought, "It doesn't get any better than this in my profession".

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Miss 376 said...

See, they can be sooo sweet at times.