Sunday, October 18, 2009

Longhorns triumph again!!!


Those wonderful, gifted, and fantastic Longhorns beat those despicable OU whatever-they-are's!

Why to go 'horns!

Now for those of you outside of Texas, this sounds foreign...but for those of us who bleed burnt orange and white....well, it is a different story. Not that I am a football fan by any's just that I love UT (THE University of Texas). Although I went to a local branch of the UT system my heart is with those rockin' & rollin' Longhorns (from THE University of Texas). Aaaand although I normally don't go on and on about those 'horns, I have a co-worker (not on my team - Thank You God!) whose son-in-law attended that school...she is the kind of person who likes to out-do everybody around her...from how much money she has to how big her children's house where she goes on pointing out to me that I did not go to THE University of Texas but to a branch of it over hear....ya know the kind I mean. Aaaaand for the most part I ignore her....I don't even mention this game in front of her....really I don't. But you can bet your bottom dollar that if the situation was reversed, she would make snide remarks for the next few days....

Sooooo, I am grateful to my 'horns (from THE University of Texas) for giving me some peace and quiet from this person...SIGH...THAT is my interest in football...sad but true.....

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