Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NO Day!

Now I know you all are wondering what is that I will give you a brief summary.....During the time of WW II, Mussolini wanted to impress Hitler with his military he told the Greek Prime Minister that he wanted to invade Greece. Metaxas (the Greek PM) stated No. So Italy invaded with 2x the men and then Italy was beaten back to Albania.

This was the FIRST allied victory during WWII and many historians believe that this event forced Hitler to delay his invasion of Russia and go help out il Duce (Mussolini). This delay forced Hitler to invade Russia at a later time and thus face the harsh Russian winter and a defeat at the Battle of Moscow.

Today, parades and celebrations occur in Greece...and on one of the mountains facing Italy, the Greek Word for NO (OHI) is in 35 (+/-) ft letters....tall enough to be read from Italy...

As a side note...Some historians credit the Greeks' fierce resistance to the later German paratrooper landings during the Battle of Crete with convincing Hitler that such attacks cost too many German lives. The from-the-air invasion of Crete was the last attempt by the Nazis to use this technique, and the extra resources required to subdue Greece drained and distracted the Third Reich from its efforts on other fronts.

My parent both were growing up in Greece during WW II (and later the Greek Civil War) with my father fighting on the side of the crown during the latter. Both of them went through hell during those years and remember it all vividly.

At our house, we are now living on cement because Man of House did not want the old shag carpeting he pulled everything up. Now we can never agree on what to cover our floors....thus we have been living on cement for approx. 4 years. When my parents came to visit us they both walked in the house and just looked down at our floor. My mom stated, "Wow, we lived like this during the war!"....yup, we've come a long way, baby....

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IRENE said...

Happy NO day (there is always an opportunity to say No...)
Both my husband's grandfather and my grandfather fought in Northern Epirus. My fil who was an army officer as was his fil fought in the Civil war and was injured. All those young lives full of ideals and thirsty for Greece's freedom!
Wishing you and your family the very best. (P.S. I love your sense of humor!)