Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.... one and all!!

Sorry I have not been blogging lately, but God has sent some challenges in my life and the patience to deal with them. Oh, not to worry.....just some health issues. High blood pressure and high cholesterol have put me on meds for the time being...these put me T O S L E E P !!! Once I take them I have approx. 37 minutes before I am O U T.

On the one hand it gets very irritating that I hope to stay up and blog...but on the other hand I sure do get a good night's sleep!

Anywho....just a short blog to wish all a wonderful Thanksgiving! I, personally have so much to be grateful for and try to make sure to God that I say "Thank you" as often as I can.

More on all that later in another post....right now my meds await as does my bed.

May you all be as blessed as I am...and that is pretty darn blessed!


Christina said...

happy thanksgiving to you and yours, dear Nina. :o)

margaret said...

I hope you're beginning to feel better.