Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting ready...

...for PASCHA!!!!

For Greek Orthodox (and Russian, Serbian, etc....) Pascha (Easter) is T.H.E H.O.L.I.E.S.T Church Holiday of the Ecclesiastical Year....and in my household it is as it has been in my mother's house and her mother's we get nearer to Holy Week (the Week Before Pascha) things take on a frantic tone. Things are cleaned, organized, and polished....

To that end, allow me to tell you about two of my newest best friends. The first is Big Sprig. She is a contractor wet-dry shop vac. Pictures of her will follow later....suffice it to say she is 16 gallons, 6 hp in a container that says, "Love"
I received Big for Christmas this year. She is a dream come true...I just love her...and I KNOW she loves me. I defy any any dust, fur, dander, paper, clothing, insect to come near her....things are taken by her never to be seen again...she takes care of these things for me. Nice.

My other BF is this little product: La's Totally Awesome All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser.

Listen close now....I do not tout the virtues of items on my blog...but this gem...well this gem does the work of 409 (you know, the cleaning product) but for less than the price. I get this little product at Dollar Tree (ya heard right!) AND it is to be diluted!!! So, in fact, this costs me 0.50 for each bottle of this super, duper cleaner!!! This little friend stands empty now....she has given her all for The Cause....but not to worry...I will not abandon her now....she served me well and I will take care of her too....she will be refilled soon....and she will rest...and lay in wait for our next covert cleaning operation...

Now, we are on "Spring Break" here at my school district....and this works out well for me because I have been cleaning, organizing, and polishing to my heart's desire......

hall closet - check
master bedroom closet - check
two curio cabinets in living area - check
detailed furniture polishing of furniture in said living area - check-a-reno
detailed furniture polishing of furniture in dining area - check-a-roni
cleaning out and re-organizing items in cupboards of aforementioned areas -
detailed cleaning of bathrooms - tra-la-la-la-check
cleaning out and re-organizing items in cabinets of said bathrooms - ch-ch-ch-
re-organizing and cleaning of hall closet - the-hills-are-alive-with-the-sound-
of-check (sing with me!)
re-organizing and cleaning of master bedroom closet - rock-a-bye-check
re-organizing my dresser drawers - you-aint-nothing-but-a-hound-check
re-organizing Man of House's armoir - check-a-lation
coming up with, and building some shelving for Man of Houses above-mentioned
armoir - mine-eyes-have-seen-the-glory-of-check
detailed vacuuming with Big Sprig (called the Dance of Cleanliness) - oh-behave-

As you can tell by now (and if you know me) I just LOVE, ADORE, GET WEAK AT THE KNEES at the thought of organizing and cleaning....OMG....sometimes I just cannot stand it!!! So by now, I am head is just swimming...I am swooning...there I am....all swooned out! Aaaak!

So thank goodness that tomorrow is a Major Church Holy Day (The Great Canon of Andrew of Crete), so that I may rest in a stupor....and attack our kitchen Friday.

And all this will be done before March 25....the Annuciation of the Virgin Mary AND Greek Independence Day....WOO HOO!

I have to go now and lay down...this is just too much for me....all this cleaning, and organizing, and polishing....EEEEEE!


Since the original day of this post...

organizing of Man of House's desk - check-a-licious
re-organizing of Son of House's closet - check-hi-ya

Order has been brought to chaos.....tranquility reins supreme....all's quiet on our to do some baking now!


elizabeth said...

I am excited for Holy Week and Pascha too!! Blessed Holy Week!

Irene said...

Ah, baking, the fun stuff, but a challenge, too! I always wonder, will they turn out OK this year? As always,I love your sense of humor.
I wish you a blessed Holy Week and a Joyful Easter.

Christina said...

My Dear Nina- what was there left to organize?!? You did it all last year...and the year before that...and the year before. And I know you keep everything immaculate, so I don't know how you found a single item out of place. Still, I'm glad you have enjoyed yourself. Ummm, wanna come over here next time you are in need of some cleaning fun???