Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Idea....

I am blessed. Yes, blessed. Beyond blessed. Is there a word for that? Nevertheless, I am beyond so many ways.

One of my biggest blessings is with a husband who just loves, loves, LOVES to cook. And since one of the duties of a spouse is to make the other happy, who am I to deny my hubby so much happiness (I am also kind - remember that)? So I let him cook....and then do the Dance of Cleanliness in the kitchen behind him.

It is based on this delirium that I give my husband (I am also a good wife - remember that too)that I am going to create a segment in my blog titled "What's Cooking, Oh Man of House?"....what a jaunty little title - no?

The premier episode of this segment begins in, right now....and it will focus on one of Man of House's recent cooking feats. The cooking of the traditional Easter Lamb.

Ah, Easter Lamb....the mere words conjure up images of Pascha in the Motherland...the expectations....the anticipation....the traditions....I have actually spent Easter in Greece, but it was so long ago...

This year we decided that in order for us to have Easter Lamb AND have a relaxed Man of House (since he also has a job) he would partially cook the lamb during our Spring Break, freeze it, and then finish cooking it on Pascha Day.

Woman of House: So....Man of House....are you ready for this?

Man of House: Yes

WH: Tell us what you are doing now....

MH: I am prepping the lamb by putting it on a metal plate, rubbing it with good Greek Olive Oil (NO, not Italian....if you look on Italian Olive Oil cans chances are that it has a good deal of Greek Olive Oil in it. Why? I don't know! I DO know that Greece is the only country that does not have to import any olive what you see titled on the can is what you get! And besides, Greek Olive Oil has a good "kick" to it!), rubbing course Mediterranean Sea Salt, and then cutting small slits into it. Into each slit a little love must go...and in this case, this little love is garlic rolled in salt and oregano.

WH: Now what is going on?

MH: I am putting the lamb onto one of my rotisserie...and no you cannot touch use everything as if it were a you remember my pipe wrench?...or what USED to be my pipe wrench? Hmmm???

WH: I have no idea what you are talking, let us to stick with the interview.....


MH: After the lamb cooks for a pre-set time I remove it from the rotisserie and let it cool.

WH: Ooooooo....Aaaaaaa.

MH: I save all the drippings to use later for the potatoes.

MH: I will do this one more time with the other lamb we bought and when each one cools off, I will mummify it in aluminum foil and slap it into freezer...where it will wait to make it's debut.

WH: What about the drippings?

MH: They will go into a plastic bag and await Pascha also....

WH: Well, that's that then! What is next for you?

MH: It is time for the traditional Flaouna baking....

WH: And that, dear reader, is my signal that this interview is a wrap, and that it is time for the Dance of Cleanliness to begin. Till next time when we will interview MH on Flaouna baking....ta ta!

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