Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

I just L.O.V.E the Super Bowl. I look forward to it every year. I simply cannot wait for it....I count down the days till I hear "Super Bowl Sunday is here!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Is it the basic concept of  of two powerful teams fighting it to the end?, no.

Is it the delightful spectacle of men  wearing skin-tight pants that follow each and every curve of rippling muscle?.....although tempting as that is - that would be a "no".

Is it some primitive need to see the human will go beyond what was thought possible to achieve a victory? Uh uh.

Is it the sweet taste of victory justly won by a valiant team? Nah...

Is it because I am a Cheesehead? Well, normally I would like for the Packers to win, but the Steelers have Troy Polamalu....and not only is he Greek Orthodox (yup, yah read it right!), but he is H.O.T.....he's on fi-yah!!  (Not to worry, Man of will always be my real-life hottie).

It simply because of a tradition begun by my father and I many years ago. You see, Texas is a state that loooooooooves its football. The adoration borders on fanatical worship....seriously. And nothing beats this state in its  zombie-like trance when the Super Bowl is here. Now, add to this the fact that this year the Super Bowl is in our state (about 5 min from where I work) and people here are practically in an orgasmic bliss. Yup that is how I would describe it. I'll bet there will be a lot of cigs lit after this event in the Lone Star State....people laying back asking, "was it good for you baby?"

So what is this tradition? Simply put, we go out to eat and then to some stores. Ah, but the beauty of this is that everything is empty....quiet....silent....almost ghost-like in its serenity. We even went to the mall (gasp!) which, for anyone who knows me, is something I desperately avoid. Yet, due to Super Bowl Madness, there I am!

Now that I am married and my father is in Greece, I celebrate in this manner with Daughter of House. As for Man of House? Well, he goes to his Cigar Club....sort of a "Day Care for Testosterone-Laden Individuals" - be it men or women. Daughter and I refer to his going to this place as his "Play Date". All we ask is that the people in charge there see to it that he is fed, watered, and shares his toys. We drop him off and several hours later we pick him up. I expect him to have a  few stories to share of his play buds and a little project he has made...He looks forward to these excursions from the Estrogen Sea. Just like a little boy he is ready and waiting for me by the front door when it is time to go.....and barely stands still as I review our rules (1. You may not leave with anyone other than me.  2. You must take your turn on the Billiards and Indoor Golf game.  3.  You may go back for as much food as you want, but don't overdo it.  4. You must remember to say "please" and  "thank you".  5. You must remember to wash your hands after you go potty.   6. You must take your cell phone with you because I will call and check up on you).

Daughter and I will probably go out and catch some Indian food and then.....ah then....the town is ours....provided we stay away from anything that has a big-screen TV or men.

Believe me, that will be oooh soooo  easy!

Yup, God bless the Super Bowl! I do so look forward to it!  (me holding back a tear now....)

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