Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Facts of Life....

....according to Daughter of the House....

The smallest show of affection, the tiniest snuggle, the teeniest giggle between Man of House and me brings about a loud commentary of "Eewwww" followed by "Gross, sexual stuff between old people"  a variety of gagging noises, and a dramatic death scene.

"So do you think your generation invented 'it' ?"

"No....I KNOW we did not.....but none of this applies to me."

"Oh yeah, so how do you think you got here?"

"I was in a cabbage patch and a stork came and got me. It then took me to the hospital where I was labeled to go to the correct parents."



"So what about biology... scientific data....medicine?"

"That does not apply to me!"

This little theory is tantamount to the waving of a cape in front of a needs - no it BEGS - my attention. My solution? Little notes in her lunch referring to her as "Our Little Sperm and Egg Product" calls whereby I say "I love you Our Sweet Chromosome Collection"....and messages
that begin with, "It's me, my little XX Creation...".

The reaction from Daughter? More gagging, more "eewwww's"

Oh, and the age of this errant child? 25...*sigh*


elizabeth said...

oh dear... that is too funny...

Christina said...

haha, too funny! you guys are a riot!

Miss 376 said...

What fun it is to wind up the kids.