Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days.......

Snow days, snow days....Oh I love snow days.....

This is now day 4 of the Great Texas Ice and Snow Montage here....and I am loving it.

It has given us time here as a family to just chill (Daughter of House was able to go in just once and the rest of the time she has been home with us).

Oh how nice....many things (not all) that needed to get done got done.....little things...things that just add up when they are not done into one giant pile of "Unfinished Stuff"....and now a few more are off that list!

As if that is not enough, I had plenty of time to hang out with my family or just read, read, read! Opportunities to just talk, laugh, share, and discover. The gentle closeness that comes from such moments is simply put, fantastic ! And the joy of just laying on sofa and enjoying a it a new one (yes, I have one of those) or an old one (a series no less....a children's one!).

So, as I look around me (this is a difficult day with this illness) I am thankful to God for this little unexpected gift....a few days when things slowed down...several moments of just being.

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elizabeth said...

nice... hope the illness improves. Lord have mercy!