Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Should Have Been a Nice Family Moment....

Have I told you how much I LUUUUURVE spending time with my family? Oh I do, I do, I do! I really do!!! When I was single, I was mildly irritated if I had to attend an in-service on a Saturday. Back then, I spent a lot of time with my father....and that was nice too. But ever since I got married and had my bonus daughter in the bargain....well.....I find myself like other people.....I look forward to weekends with my fam....snowdays, long weekends, vacations....I just am so happy and content when the 3 of us are together....

This is why the events of this Saturday disturbed me so very much.

We three were running around getting some errands done (all of us together = great joy!) when we decided to stop by our mall and pick up some classroom candles from one of my favorite stores and grab a bite to eat at the food court. Daughter of House took care of me and got my lunch, then left with Man of House to get theirs.

While I was mixing my taco salad up I heard a crash just a little behind me. I turned around to see an elderly gentleman being choked by a 28ish year old woman!!!!!!  Yes, you read it right....being choked. They both fell to the ground (with the man on the bottom) and his wife staring helplessly on.

Another man went up to her and told her, "Stop" while a friend of hers pulled her off....and then I guess took her away from the mall. The gentleman's wife went and stood up against an advertising pillar and fainted. One young mall employee helped the elderly man, who seemed confused by the whole thing (and did not fight back even a little bit), and several other people called Mall Security and the police.

I could not believe my treat another human being like that....and an elderly one to boot! I was always raised to show the  utmost respect to the elderly simply because their experiences in life and the fact that they have been alive for so long had earned them that respect....but this....this flew in the face of all I had been taught. Add to that that I have a special soft-spot in my heart for the elderly.....and I just could not take it I did what I always do when I am angry....I started crying. Yup that's me!

In front of  me was another woman who was feeding her 6 mos old child...and she started crying also....what a pair we made!

The police came and took seems that when the woman asked if she could have a chair from  the table the elderly couple was sitting at, and was told yes. As she moved the chair, the elderly man told her she had hit his wife with the chair. She said no, he said yes....she said he spit in her face....and then the choking and falling began.

Now, my nature is to not get involved in such matters, but my conscience was bothered by this.....and my wonderful family gave me just enough of a push to get me to talk to one of the police officers. He took my name, address, date of birth, phone number, and statement (I even got to demonstrate the choke hold on Man of House - hey, the officer asked me to do that!), and then I went to talk to the elderly gentleman. He seemed so confused.... his concern was for his wife (who by now was awake and had her bruises photographed by the po-po). She had just been discharged from the hospital and was frail.

All this because one person could not even contemplate that they may have accidentally hit another person....because the words, "I'm sorry, I did not know..." or  "I'm sorry, I did not mean...." could not be said.  What a horrible thing to witness...and what a valuable lesson to learn!

May God help us all to be able to admit a say "I am sorry". What a lesson to have shown in front of my face now that Lent is almost upon us.

To all the people I have hurt through known or unknown means, I ask for forgiveness.

May God bless us all.


elizabeth said...

that's really horrible. I am so sorry to hear this. Lord have mercy. HUGS.

Christina said...

oh my gosh, that's awful!!!