Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coming Clean

Anyone who knows me knows I cannot....simply cannot....abide, live with,  endure, wrap my mind around dirt, disorganization, sloppyness.....chaos. It drives me insane, crazy, coo-coo, nuts....I think you get the point.

Sooooo....ta ta ta taaaa! It is time once again for my annual Paschal Clean-up and Rodeo! Oh how I look forward to this event....! Things are pulled out, cleaned, returned to their original place (albeit in a more orderly fashion).

However, this year my good friend ET (Essential Thrombocythemia) had other plans....and these plans brooked  no changes....I thought that this year we would be in the throws of dirt and disorganization....

Yet through the bleakness of this fear came my Knight in Shining Armor....Man of House. He stayed by me and helped me with all my "little projects"....thus things were done to my standard....even though they were done a little more slowly. But, they were done among much laughter and good heart-to hearts.

This was the best "clean up" in years.....and I thank God for this illness and the opportunities He creates via it.

Thanks for your help Boo....I sure do luuuurve you!

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