Saturday, July 16, 2011


After stalking reading another blog I was inspired to "pick up the ole pen" as they say (who exactly is "they"?) and begin writing again...not about only beg events, but mostly about  our everyday lives. My friend ET (essential thrombocythemia) has given me many unexpected gifts....and one of them is the pure joy of contentment with my life...things that give me great pleasure.

And so I will begin...starting I sit here with my family enjoying our new entertainment unit (and TV too! - more on THAT  later)...just chillin'....having our Voyager / Mission Impossible / Murder She Wrote  view-athon. Just appreciating my wonderful family....the way things are, and the changes to the house that are coming (renovations, renovations, MUCH NEEDED renovations - I mean seriously, the sink falling lower and lower toward the floor is NOT a good thing....), and the knowledge that I get to do this with my family and my VERY, VERY BESTEST FRIEND in the whole of the wide world - Man of House.

So what that these renovations are going to take a while (money and all) just s t r e t c h e s out the joy!

God is good!

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